Husband and wife team Meredith and David Finch have not yet taken over DC’s Wonder Woman title, but already they’ve made headlines for an awkward interview. At San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, TMS Editor-in-Chief Jill Pantozzi gave them the opportunity to elaborate on what they meant, and on what changes we can expect to see when they take over for Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chang in November.

The Mary Sue: Should we get the hard one out of the way first? Is Wonder Woman a feminist?

David Finch: Wonder Woman is a feminist icon and it’s an incredibly important aspect to her character. I absolutely regret the way that my words came out and it doesn’t reflect at all how I feel.


SDCC Exclusive Interview: New Wonder Woman Creative Team Says She’s “A Feminist Icon” | The Mary Sue
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Fill this in with stuff about you

Age: 20
Where I’m from: Singapore
Where I would like to live: Anywhere right next to the library / workplace (I hate long travel times)
Favorite food: Noodles (Prawn Noodles and pasta)
Religion: Taoist, though I don't strictly practice it
Sexual orientation: Straight (I think)
Single/taken: Single
Favorite book: The original Sherlock Holmes books (by Arthur Conan Doyle)
Eye colour: Dark brown/ Black?
Favorite movie: How to Train Your Dragon 2
Favorite TV show: Pushing Daisies, Community, Bob's Burgers
Favorite band/singer: Panic! At The Disco, Gorillaz, Voltaire, Giga-P (Vocaloid producer)
Favorite day of the year: When its a holiday and I don't have to go anywhere I don't want to <_>
Favorite colour: Blue/Black/White
If I have any pets: I would like a cat or hedgehog! But I have no pets currently. :(
What I’m listening to right now: This Is Gospel - Piano cover
What’s my ringtone: LUVORATORRRRY! Intro (ringtone) / Quote from asdf movie (I wonder if my pony could fly?) (notification)
Favorite male character from a TV show: Troy and Abed (Community)
Favorite female character from a TV show: Joan Waston (Elementary), Linda/Louise/Tina Belcher (Bob's Burgers).
What my name means: Intelligence
Celebrity crush: Tom Hiddleston *cough*
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How to have a zero drama fandom

Step 1: like a thing
Step 2: find a few close friends who also like the thing
Step 3: don't talk to anyone else in the fandom literally those 5-6 persons are your fandom
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set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i don’t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that i’d like to post.

these are incredible

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Dude, Peter Capaldi totally refused to flirt with Clara in the new series.

Damn, I’m so ready for this.

In that same article he states that he’s going to make the story line less confusing and over the top and focus on the plot. I think I’m in love. 

thank fucking god

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It all started with an ad for Pokémon sunglasses which depicted Pikachu wearing hipster glasses (top image). Soon after, the Japanese internet was flooded with photos of hipster Pokémon plushies.

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when something excites you but your friend doesn’t care


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PLAYED: 1090999 TIMES.


Some Basic French Expressions

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do u think buckys arm makes overheated computer sounds when he blushes due to his rise in body temperature like imagine steve kissing his cheek and suddenly u hear “WHIRRRRRRRRRRRRR”

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This scene just gets sadder and sadder the older I get.

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…Do you think we should tell him?

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Scenes from the new TV spot (HD Version) [x]

Credit (do not remove)

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my partner tried to call me a sweetheart the other day but he misspelled it and I read it as “sweetbeard” and then I decided that this is what dwarf couples call each other

so, naturally, here are two dwarves on a date

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